Your kiddie bedroom may probably hold some sentimental value to you. But as a grown up, you need a space that would cater to your grown-up needs. Hence, transforming your old kiddie bedroom into an adult room is necessary.


Experts in home and retail interior design in Dubai say that it doesn’t take that much to change your old bedroom to meet your needs. By following these simple design tips, you will be able to create a space that is appropriate to your age:


  1. Let go of the old bed


The first thing that you need to do when you are transforming your old kiddie or teenage bedroom is to get rid of that old bed of yours. The bed would probably not be able to support your weight so it would be best to get rid of it. Replace it with a bed and a mattress that will be able to give your body full support and provide you with a peaceful good night’s sleep. If you are having second thoughts about disposing the old one, you might want to donate it to a charity or to a pre-loved store.


  1. Dispose kiddie stuff


Another thing that you get rid of is your kiddie stuff. Mostly, these are old toys that you had during your childhood days. Although some of them probably reminds you of the good old days, it will just cause unnecessary clutter in the space. Gather all your kiddie toys, put them in a box and discard them for good. You can select a few pieces that you can use as design accent. The rest can go to charity or hand it down to younger relatives.


  1. Change your color palette


Some kids tend to like bold colors as it stimulates their senses. But as an adult, a bold and vibrant color might be too much for your mature taste. Try to change your wall paint into a more subdued hues. If you still want to keep your old color palette, the best option would be to tone down the palette to a shade lighter.


  1. Lean more on sophistication


Mature taste would mean going for classy pieces that would add elegance to your space. Try to choose furnishings that are slim and elegant so it would go well with your changing taste.


  1. Incorporate your personality


As an adult, you have the liberty to make your own decisions, including designing your room. This is a chance for you to express yourself through your personal space.


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