Your event venue can make or break your event. More often than not, your guests would remember this as a major event catastrophe and it would mar your reputation as an organizer. To prevent such costly mistake, be sure to avoid these pitfalls when choosing and booking party halls in Dubai for your future events and shindigs:

  1. Not doing ocular inspection

First-time event organizers usually rely on visual aids they see on the website and social media accounts of event venue providers. But seeing the space for real will give you a good sense of how the space would look when you decide to pick the space for your event. Not doing so would only result to difficulty in planning the event layout. So before you ink you agreement, be sore to do an ocular inspection first and see the Dubai event venues to check the space and confirm the amenities available.

  1. Not paying attention to the amenities

And speaking of amenities, a lot of event organizers are quite captivated with the look and aesthetics of the event, not taking into account the amenities. Venues that have less amenities would only give you more work as you need to fill out the lack of amenities of the space. It would be best if you can pick as space that offer superior amenities, especially for events. Amenities can go from the availability of the rooms for preparation, utilities, and equipment.

  1. Forgetting to reserve in advance

You need to keep in mind that your event is not the only one being mounted and staged in town, so being lax about reserving the venue would be a costly mistake. Failure to reserve the space would result to cramming to scout a new location, changing the layout and possible changing the whole logistics of the event.

  1. Not allotting budget for the venue

When there are constraints in event, most caterers cut corners on the venue. But this is definitely a bad practice. Not allotting enough budget for the space can result to compromising the comfort of the guests and attendees and also the quality of the event. You need to ensure that you have enough budget to book the venue that is appropriate for your event.

  1. Cramming the space

Another common mistake that most organizers commit is choosing a space too small for the attendees. You need to keep in mind the comfort of the guests, so avoid choosing small venues for big events.