Your wedding flower arrangement plays a major part on your big day. The bouquet that you are holding while you are walking down the aisle would be one of the things that people will remembers. Hence, you need to put emphasize to the arrangement you are holding and the blooms that will be used in the ceremonial place and reception.

Experts in wedding flowers in Dubai provided a list of valuable tips you can use to ensure that your blooms and flower arrangement will help make your day a memorable one:

  • Do not stick to one bloom

Some brides-to-be think that a single type of flower might look good on everything – from your bouquet to your wedding reception. But it would only make the scheme look monochromatic and plain. Try to use different kinds of blooms to give your wedding flower arrangement an interesting mix. You can try different types and sizes of flowers for your big day.

  • Go for color variety

If you insist on using one type of bloom, then try to make it look different by using different shades of colors from the same type of flower. For instance, if the color theme of your wedding is red, try to use blooms that have colors that are lighter than your agreed theme color. You can also break the tradition by trying to mix and match complementary colors that will make your flower arrangement more interesting and stunning.

  • Make your bouquet a stand out

Of course, as a bride, you need to be the center of attention. So everything about you should standout that includes your wedding bouquet. When doing a flower arrangement for your wedding bouquet, create a different look, style, and size that will set you apart from your bridesmaids. You can also make your bridesmaids’ bouquet simpler so yours can stand out.

  • Get everything coordinated

If you are using different blooms, be sure that the style is properly coordinated. Piece together each stem in a way that would relay a design story. Just putting everything together without thinking about it would not only give you’re a flower arrangement that would not fit your preference, but also a waste of beautiful blooms.

  • Hire a professional

Some brides try to cut corners by doing everything on their own. But, it would be best to hire a wedding florist you so can be sure that you will be producing a coordinated look in terms of floral arrangement. They can also connect you with the best suppliers of plants online in Dubai to help you out with your floral options.