Putting vehicle graphics in your company fleet is one way to promote your company, products, and services. It can also be a great way to protect your company’s fleet car paint from chipping and early deterioration.

But before you go to any company providing vehicle graphics and tinting in Dubai, you need to take into account all these factors:

  • Think before you wrap


Putting a vehicle wrap in a vehicle can be expensive, and it will be more costly if you are going to put decals on your whole fleet. Although there are advantages of putting vehicle graphics, the purpose of this initiative should be clear to you and your team. Before you proceed with the next step, talk with your team and create the idea and the metrics. You will need to be specific on your metrics as it will serve as the benchmark of this initiative. You may need to include the cost, the longevity of the wrap, and how the marketing team will benefit from this.


  • Create a compelling graphics


Once the metrics are set, you can now proceed with the design. With regards to the vehicle decal design, you need to ensure that the graphics are eye-catching, but do not forget the important details like your office’s contact information. The graphics should also not get in the way of the car’s functionality and safety. It would be best to get a creative graphic artist to do the design. Have him create at least three studies that you and your team can choose from.


  • Find a trusted car decal company


While you are in the process of creating the graphics, you may want to start with compiling contacts of vehicle decal companies. Show them the initial idea and a draft of the design, so they will have an idea on how much the whole project would cost. Also, do not forget to mention the number of vehicles that will be subjected to vehicle wrapping. Get the overall costs from your prospective vendors and compare prices. If you have an allotted budget, check which of the vendors can fulfil your requirements given the limitations.


  • Scale metrics for marketing


Once the fleet started to roll out on the road, it is now time for the marketing team to scale how this would help their initiatives. They may have to do some studies and monitor the leads to know if the vehicle decals are bringing in potential business for the company.