A lot of people think that romance is always associated with red or pink. Not every one of us has pink or red-colored bedroom and that concept is now being overthrown by more simplistic and subdued approach. Nowadays, simplistic approach can spell romance, especially in terms of bedroom design.


If you want to add some intimate vibe in you and your partner’s bedroom, here are some tip that might be able to help you:


  • Clean your room


The first order of business on turning your room into an intimate place is to clean it. Nobody would find it particularly romantic if they see trash and clutter inside the space. You need to organize your space and your bedroom. Take out all the unnecessary stuff inside the space and schedule for a thorough cleaning. Do start the renovation with a messy space. It needs to be cleaned before you put in a new furniture or do some repainting. It would also be best if you can fix the damages in the space, so it will not get in the way of your bedroom renovation. As much as possible, keep the space simple and clutter-free.


  • Play with the lights


Lighting can set the mood in any space. It can turn your living space into a bright and sunny place or your bedroom into an intimate haven. To add the romantic ambiance, learn how you can play with it. Know what kind of light would set of the mood that you want. In case of a romantic setting, something warm and dim can do the trick.  You can accent lighting like candles to make it more realistic. But be sure to place them right so you can get the right effect.


  • Make it smell romantic


Aside from making it look romantic, the room should smell like one also. A relaxing smell of essentials oils can help do the trick. But first, be sure that the room is free of stench and other foul-smelling odors before you spray something on it.


  • Pick the right furniture


The furniture design plays a big role on how the room would look like. Do not use something that is too flashy. Instead, opt for a simply-designed furnishing to fit the space, in terms of design and vibe. Scout some on the nearest furniture shops in Sharjah for ideas.


  • Do not forget the bed


The bed is the focal point of the bedroom, so it is imperative that you get one that would add to the vibe. But more than the look, it should provide the level of comfort you need. Check out different types of memory foam mattress that would fit your requirements.