Hypnotherapy is a known treatment for several mental conditions like depression, anxiety and panic attacks. But for those who are not suffering any mental illness, undergoing through hypnotherapy Dubai can do wonders for their mental health.

If you are having second thoughts of trying out this treatment, here are some benefits that you can reap from undergoing hypnosis treatment:

  • Improve one’s sleep quality


Light sleepers or people experiencing difficulty in sleeping are having a hard time functioning in the morning. They also have problems on work performance and productivity. Some patients who have sleep disorders end up taking sleep-inducing medications to help them sleep better at night. However, these medication may cause side effects. In recent studies concluded, people who have undergone hypnosis experience better sleep quality after a series of session with their therapists. This can be a good alternative from medications as it doesn’t have adverse effect in the body.


  • Lessen the effects of irritable bowel movements


There are also another study and research conducted about the positive effects of hypnosis amongst patients with IBS. According to the studies conducted in 2013, almost 71 of 204 patients experienced better bowel movements after undergoing 12 sessions of hypnotherapy. Although the research is not conclusive, researches hypothesize that hypnotherapy is a good addition for series of treatments for patients suffering from this condition.


  • Lessen the effects of hot flashes


Middle-aged women who in the menopausal stage would know how horrible the effects of hot flashes are. However, there are measure to quell or lessen the symptoms. Research indicated that women in postmenopausal stage who take a series of hypnosis therapy find that the symptoms of hot flashes are reduced by 74 percent.


  • Reduce the feeling of pain


Managing pain is not easy. Some people reduce to taking pain medications to ease the pain they are feeling. But there are other alternatives that these patients can take to ease the pain. One option is to undergo a hypnotherapy treatment. Hypnotherapy can help rewire the mind from thinking about the pain and help calm the nerves should the pain attacks.


  • Calm the mind


Speaking of calming effect, the reason why hypnosis is one of the recommended treatments for anxiety attacks is because it can help calm the mind. Part of the treatment session is to help the patients adjust and manage overwhelming situations through a trance. It can also help patients who will undergo major operations to relieve the feeling of fear and pain.

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