Your bedroom is your sanctuary. A place where you can be yourself and a place you can relax. Hence, it the design should serve the purpose, down to the color of your bedroom walls. If you are on the process of choosing the perfect paint color for your haven, here are some tips from leading  painting services in dubai that you can follow:


  • Go for lighter shade


When you are choosing a paint color for your bedroom, always go for neutral colors. Neutral colors are a safe choice and for a good reason. They are refreshing and easy on the eyes. Some people may think that this group of colors are boring and simplistic. But you can do with accents that can add some splash to the tame colors on the bedroom. If you have a color in mind, the best solution would be is to choose the lighter shade of that pantone. That way, you still can infuse your personal choice but make your bedroom look refreshing to the eyes.


  • Checkout design magazines for inspiration


If you have no idea on what colors to pick, you can check out design and interior magazines for pegs and inspiration.  You will not get the entire look as it might be expensive but get ideas on the paint color. Choose at least five inspirations or references that you can narrow down to your final choice. You can even mix and match colors from your inspiration but be sure not to overdo it. Too many design elements in the bedroom can affect your sleeping pattern and cause lack of sleep.


  • Take in consideration the size of the space


Another thing that you need to take into account is the space of the bedroom. water heater installation advise their clients to go for light colors if they have limited bedroom space. Light colors can brighten the room and create an illusion of space. But if you want something intimate, dark colors can work too. But it would be best to use these colors on big bedrooms and spaces.


  • Try some mobile apps to visualize it


If you are having a hard time visualizing what the paint would look like on your bedroom, you can try use mobile apps for the sake of visualization. Mobile apps like MyPantone and ColorSnap can be your color arbiter when choosing the right paint color for your bed space.