There are health issues that affect women solely and these health issues should be addressed as early as possible to prevent the spread of these diseases that can lead to death.  Here are some tests that women should go through to ensure that their well-being is monitored and checked on a regular basis:

  • Bone Density Test


When a woman reach their 20s to 30s, the risk of osteoporosis become more apparent. Unfortunately, not all women are keen on taking this test and before they knew it, it is too late.

Although osteoporosis can set in by the time a woman reached their 30s to menopause, there are instances that some women can experience bone mass loss at an early age.


A bone density test can determine the level of your bone mass through a dual-energy x-ray or DXA. The result will determine whether you have high or low bone density. Depending on the results, your doctor will recommend the right amount of calcium intake to increase bone density.


  • Breast Exam and Mammogram


Breast cancer is one of the leading cause of death amongst women. But the good news is, early detection can help prevent this disease from spreading. Women are advised to have their breast checked clinically once they started their period and should do it regularly to detect any lumps on both breast and have it checked for proper treatment.


As for the mammogram, it should be done when a woman reached the age of 40, usually done right after the period where the breasts are tender. This could help detect abnormalities on your breasts such as mass or calcium deposit on your breast.


  • Pap Smear and Reproductive Test


Cervical cancer is also one of top leading diseases that affects women. Like breast cancer, it can be prevented with early detection. A pap smear can help determine for signs and symptoms of cervical cancer and other abnormalities in your reproductive system.


This test should be done when you reached the age of 21. It would also be best to have yourself tested for PCOS. PCOS is another silent illness that can hit women. It can affect one’s ability to conceive. Once detected, your gynecologist will determine the best stretch mark removal dubai to help treat this abnormality.


  • Various blood exam

Aside from consulting with the best gynecologist in Dubai for PCOS, you may also need to go through some blood test to detect any blood-related illness. This is a basic exam that will check the levels of your blood sugar, cholesterol and CBC and WBC. This test can help determine diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and anemia.