If you really want to enjoy few business days and experience meetings in a new way – you should meet your colleagues and attend seminars in the city of Dubai. It is always sunny and bright; everything is colorful and smells wonderful, you get to widen your horizons by experiencing a totally different tradition and culture. It is great when you can talk business in opened space, on the beach, or on the top of the tall buildings while your eyes can wonder over Palm Island, Burj Khaliffa, skydivers and water-skiers. And even if it wasn’t that beautiful, Dubai still is one of the most important parts of the world when it comes to business, so there is no better place to take care of yours.

Almost all of the hotels in Dubai have conference rooms, but some of them are more popular than others. Some are perfect for medical and scientist encounters and some are more suitable for architects. Veterinarians would surely like to be somewhere close to the Zoo and marine biologists would love to enjoy the view at the Dubai Marina. Luckily – Dubai can step up and offer perfect spaces for each one of these professions.

The Meydan Hotel is among the most popular hotels for meetings and events of all kinds. It is not as big as some other of a kind, and it does not have as much rooms as some of its ‘colleagues’, but it is perfectly designed to host seminars and large number of fellow co-workers. With more than 80 small meeting rooms and the total of almost ten thousand square meters – it is like a heaven for conferences. Hotel has pools, sauna, tennis court and many other attractions.

Renaissance Downtown Hotel is placed in the very center of Dubai. Burj Khaliffa will be right in front of you if you happen to look through the window or go  up on the roof to have a smoke with your best friend from the firm. This hotel doesn’t have large number of big meeting spaces, but the ones they have are extremely comfortable and adapted for every kind of presentation. They can put more than 350 squere meters of meeting space at your disposal.

Most popular of all when it comes to meetings and conference spaces is Grand Hayat Dubai better known as ‘city conference resort’. This business oasis is less than twelve minutes away from the National Airport and it can host more than ten conferences at the time. It is needless to say what kind of accommodation and activities you can find in one of the Hayat hotels, but it might be good to mention that their largest meeting room is almost 35 000 square feet and they possess the total of 54 000 square feet meeting space.

In case your business is more sports and nature oriented, you should go after one of many offers on the coast of Dubai Marina or even try Dubai Safari location. Have a nice business trip!