So okay, you decided you want to have your dafza company formation. You are now getting excited on the prospect of penetrating the market and edging your competition. But before you get all excited about moving and setting up your company, you need to stop for a while and know the drill before you decide to get on with it.

If you are planning on kick starting your company in Dubai, you better know the drill and what it entails:

  • Know the rules

UAE and Dubai is a known business hub and destination for aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs. But that is just a general knowledge. Although UAE’s business policies is a little bit relaxed compared to other business destinations, there are still rules and policies that you need to follow. And the rules and requirements differ also based on UAE locations. The requirements and business policies for rak offshore company formation is different from Fujairah Free Zone.


It would be best to know these policies so you will not go wrong when you start processing the licenses and the business documents. Getting the wrong paper would just cause delay in terms of the processing.


  • Know what you need

Apart from the documents, you need to identify the things that you need to fulfill in order to succeed with the company setup and registration. For instance, how much will you be spending on this setup? Is there a need to bank account or get an office space? Revisit the policies that you researched and see what other factors you need to take into consideration when starting a business. It would be best if you can have a list so you will not miss anything during the whole processing and set up. You can also add a realistic timeline so you will have a schedule that you can follow.


  • Know who can help you

Threading the business scene without help can be a bit dangerous, especially if you are quite new on this game. You may have done a lot of research, but having an individual or a company to help you navigate the scene would be better. When you start planning the business setup, include the scouting of business service providers that can assist you on this journey. Based on your list, jot down the possible service providers that you can contact and subscribe to help you start your business.