Dinner is the last meal of the day and everyone has different opinions about it. Some want a heavy meal and some want to end their day with light food so that they can sleep easily and wake up fast next day. 

However, there are so many things which a person can eat in dinner but some of them are common and easy to get or cook.

Do you want to know them? If yes, then sit with open legs on your bed and read below because it would not tense you with their timings and ingredient. 

So, these dishes are:

  1. Pizza: It is up-to you that whether you want to buy it from any store or prepare by yourself within minutes but it is confirmed that you can have it in dinner entirely. You can have it with black drink or your favourite drink to make the dinner more loving and scrumptious. 
  2. Pasta: You can even go for pasta too because it is easy to prepare or you can get the tastiest pasta from any store within minutes. You can have with cheesy sauce or ketchup to add more flavours. You can search for different Dubai catering companies to get more recipes of pasta which you can prepare easily.
  3. Spaghetti: Chinese spaghetti with drink or fresh juice is one of the best treat which you can have at least once a month. You can prepare it easily too. All you have do is to boil spaghetti and add prepare chicken curry or sauce for it to put it in it to prepare mouth-watering meal.
  4. Burgers: It is not bad option to have burgers in dinner. You can order satisfying burgers from anywhere that would have a lot of cheese, a thick piece of meat and veg to delight you. You can have it with drink or any salad. 
  5. Sandwich: If you have sandwich maker, then simply place bread on machine, add different vegetables, cheese, sausage and bread on it. Close the machine and cook it for few minutes. Have golden and reddish sandwiches with fresh juice to have something light at the end of the day to fill the tummy.
  6. Salad: You can also think about having salad with boiled rice if you want to eat something light. You can prepare Russian salad with boiled rice that you can have with chicken curry or vegetable curry to add flavours and make salad tastier. You can find more info related to recipes of salads to learn to make different salads fast.