Organizing an event is not an easy task. It requires a lot of work and effort. After all, you have to call guests of the event who are going to talk or sing or do something according to the genre of an event. Besides this, you have to arrange venue and refreshments but most importantly you have to promote it on social media smartly to reach to your target audience so that you will get maximum audience and listeners or viewers. All of this is too tough and it becomes tougher when you have to organize it at the last moment because then you have to do everything at the same moment. 

In such cases, do not look for venue. Go to the nearby park and make it your venue. In this way, you would not need to beg for place to any company. Plus, the open place will give you audience automatically. All you need is sound system. For sound system, call at any music company and get it on rent. It is little pricey but it can give you viewers and listeners which is what you want. However, you would not get it easily. Therefore, do something to attract them. You can do even parade or make any funny or humorous announcement to attract them. 

This is how you can get venue. After arranging venue, work on seating arrangement. For this, instead of looking for event furniture hire, contact any rental company for chairs and tables for hire. These companies will provide many chairs of same style for cheap for few hours. Arrange them in rows. Meanwhile, arrange tables on its left to keep water and refreshments. This way is affordable, easy and faster. You can get the venue and complete arrangement within an hour which can make anyone to say WOW at it. 

After doing all of this, call the speakers and guitarists or other personalities who wold host the event. The personalities are not required to be famous and well-known. You need such guests who have speaking skills and ability to engage and attract audience. 

So, this is the easiest way to organize event for cheap at the last moment. Whether it is event or a party or project, nothing is easy to do at the last minute. In most of the cases it cost a lot of money. But, do not create panic. Look for ways. There are always some ways which can make it cheaper and reasonable. All you have to do is to be observant and look around.