Save the date photos do not just came out of nowhere. In fact, couples spend time and effort producing the best pre-wedding shots to use for their engagement parties and wedding invitation. If you are getting stressed about preparing and mounting your pre-wedding photo-shoot, the best  Lake Como wedding photographer shared some tips to make your pre-nuptial photo shoot a success


  1. Select a theme


Some couples leave the brainstorming of the pre-nuptial photo shoot concept to their wedding photographer in Tuscany. However, wedding shutterbugs advise their clients to come up with a few concepts of their own. Leaving the photographer to decide about the photo shoot concept can lead disagreements. It would be best to let the client decide the theme and then the photographer would tell you if this is feasible. Try to check out some pre-nuptial photos so you will have a general idea about what you want.


  1. Choose your shutterbug


Once you and your partner decide and finalize the theme, it is time for you to find the photographer that would execute your ideas. It would be best to pick a photographer that has quite an experience in this kind of project. But he/she should be flexible and innovative enough to create beautiful shots that would bring out the beauty of moment. But aside from the skills, he/she should be comfortable to work with. The rapport between the photographer and the subject is the key to a successful shot.


  1. Practice the poses


It may seem a little bit silly to practice the poses but it is necessary to do this so you would know how to do it in actual shoot. Think about this activity as a bonding moment for you and your partner. Try to emulate the poses you see in magazines and check out which of these poses are something you would think of doing on a pre-nuptial photo-shoot.


  1. Get some rest


Pre-nuptial photo shoot is an event itself so you need to look very good on the day of the shoot. Be sure to catch some snooze the day before the photo shoot. And do not attempt to go on skin treatments at least three days before the scheduled shoot. Clean your face thoroughly to avoid contracting zits and pimples days before the shoot.


  1. Show your love


Photographers can art direct the shoot but the subject should be able to express the emotions that the concept demands. In this case, be sure to show your love for each other. Your love for each other would radiate on the photos making it look beautiful and natural.