In case you deal with financial institutions often, you will have to understand your requirements for special power of attorney in Dubai. You need to have financial POA from time to time, but doing that may be a little difficult. However, once you understand the process, you will know what it takes to have a financial POA. You could do it as often as you want to have one. It makes sense to know the basics of setting up a financial POA. Make sure to know every step and learn how to do it.

Do you even need one?

Considering your requirements, and how you needed one in the past as you deal with financial institutions often, you will need one, sooner or later, again. Firstly, you need to get a hold of a financial attorney. Know that your attorney you give you a comprehensive insight into what and how to have the POA made. In other words, you will get in-depth info on financial POAs, and that will help you get one to match your needs.

Search an agent

Keep in mind that the POA is related to finance so choose the agent very cautiously. Be as meticulous as you can when shortlisting people that you deem reliable enough to be chosen as your agents. It is important that you consider different aspects before finalizing the agent. The process can be challenging and may require you to seek advice from attorney, and colleagues as well. Do ensure to pick an agent who is willing to listen to advice and be able to take spontaneous decisions.

Focus on written POA and notarize

It is obvious that your POA will be written, notarized (authenticated). It will be witnessed as well so there is little need to file it in some government office. The only exception would be when you had a POA related to property or real estate. The POA will be signed and witnessed as there is no legal value of an agreement that is done verbally. The POA that is witnessed and signed, is considered as an authentic legal document.

Common types

Depending upon your need, you are free to either a general, durable or specific POA. The type depends on your needs, so it is necessary to decide which one will best suit your needs.

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