Food trucks have come a long way from only ice cream and hot dogs to offering a variety of food. They are now offering almost any type of food services.  They are continuously evolving showing up equally in urban and rural areas, and at weddings and parties, especially local events and festivals. If you can dream of a menu and have a great concept, you can also start up food truck business because it has low start-up cost and high mobility.

  • Barbeque: Barbeque is a good concept because it brings low cost food to high appeal together. People like to take BBQ as stomach filling item, so you can consider getting good amount of profit. When you are preparing BBQ, smoky smell coming from your truck will itself do the marketing.
  • Cupcakes: This food item has proved its staying power because it has been one of the earliest food truck items. You can have a lot of options in gourmet cupcakes. Some cupcakes come in alcoholic specialties like mojitos and champagne. You can put delivering services as well because of their liking demand in events and can have a significant profit.
  • Ice Cream: It is the original theme where food trucks started. The benefit of this food trucks is that you can serve a lot of options, like Italian gelato, American classics and peanut butter fudge. Ice cream truck make a huge profit but they can serve product seasonally. You can consider converting the theme off season or you can also put your food trailers for rent after getting your food truck license in Abu Dhabi.
  • Burgers: Burgers or any fast food item is always popular throughout the year. You can have a lot of options from serving plain burgers to patty burgers, beef burgers, zinger burgers and the list goes on.
  • Local cuisine: This is the thing that will never lose its demand. Every area has its local cuisine and with time, people are starting to prefer it over the fast food. But they are also looking for a better taste. If you have this magic in your hands, you should share your culinary skills with the world.
  • Chinese and continental food: Chinese and continental are particularly famous among people and they go on restaurants to eat them. But it can be costly and not everyone can afford to pay this lot to taste out all the menu. People will surely turn up to you if you can offer them a variety with comparatively low rates.