Just when you think you already heard and read all the moving tips you can imagine. It turns out, moving experts are still trying to think of ways to make moving easier for ordinary people who are having difficulties with moving and packing.

If you are in to look for new packing things, you can try this list of unknown tips from the experts.

  • Have your our bag of essentials with you


Some homeowners think that once they arrived at their new location, they can immediately settle in their new home. But that is not the case. Actually, unpacking and rearrange your belongings can take a week or so, depending on the volume of your belongings. It would be best if you can have a bag of essentials with you when you are moving. This bag should contain some clothes, footwear and toiletries and necessities you can use for the day. This is important so you don’t have to open all the boxes just to get the things you want for the night. Pack a separate bag that you will bring with you when you move.


  • Disassemble bulky furniture


Bulky furniture can take up too much space in your truck. If you can disassemble these furnishings, do so. You can save up some space and put more boxes in your moving truck and the storage space you will rent in furniture storage companies in Dubai. Be sure to save all the bolts and screws, so when your moving team assemble these furnishings, they can see find the components they need. Put the screws and bolts in a zip lock bag and place it one of the parts of the disassembled furniture. Include a set of instructions for the team to follow. If you are doing the assembling yourself, this tip would make it easy for you to finish this task.

  • Week’s necessities should be put in a separate box

As mentioned, unpacking and rearranging your belongings can take a while. If you have a bag of essentials with you, you can also have a box dedicated for the whole family’s necessities. If you think that it would take more than three days to finish the unpacking, you need to prepare for this eventuality.


  • Label belongings per room

One of the mistakes that homeowners commit is that they pack their things based on their categories (clothes, furniture, etc.). Packing with this category would make unpacking more strenuous as you will need to identify what rooms these things should be placed. The easier way is pack your belongings per room so you can easily rearrange your furniture once you unpack and assemble them.