What messages different flowers give?

Flowers are that one thing which is loved and enjoyed by every person. They work best for any occasion. From birthdays to funerals, weddings to break up parties, flowers are capable of doing so much. What confuses most people when they stand in front of a florist in Abu Dhabi is that they are completely clueless about which flower to pick except for roses which clearly means a confession of love. Well, don’t worry anymore as we have got you a quick guide to different flowers and their messages:

  • Tulip or roses are best known for declaration of love. Use them on Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or as a big romantic gesture to propose someone.
  • Daisies are known best as a symbol of loyalty, which means that you are giving someone a daisy; you are expressing your loyalty to them.
  • Stock is a flower which represents beauty which means that you could gift it to a respectable elderly and tell them how beautiful you find them to be.
  • Sunflower is usually considered a very cheerful sunny vibes kind of flower when it actually represents pure thoughts and dedication.
  • Hyacinth is a flower which brings the word mischievous to the mind which means that it could be gifted to your young nephew or niece.
  • Statice is the flower which shows your condolences and sympathy towards a tragedy or something where the receiver is said. You can gift these on funerals.
  • Daffodil is the plant which represents new beginnings and they are the best when gifted on birthdays in gift baskets Dubai to wish them happiness.
  • Bamboo is something which means good luck and this is the reason that they work best for any occasion even if it is a break up party they need to hear believe in the luck.
  • Hydrangea is known for gratitude and this is the reason that we mostly gift it to elder professors as a gesture of thanks and gratitude for making us the person that we are today.
  • Lavender is everyone’s favourite but did you know that it means admiration? This could be given to anyone who you admire the most.
  • Peony can be your voice as giving it means that you are shy to accept or say what you have been thinking.