4 Simple Tips For Effective Subtitling in Instructional Videos

Subtitles and translations enables users to distribute their videos to other regions and make sure that the information that they want to relay on their videos are clearly understood. But subtitling is not just about putting text in the videos.

To be able to provide a precise and accurate subtitle, there are things that you need to prepare. If you are looking to include subtitling in your instructional videos, follow these tips provided by leading translation services in Abu Dhabi:

  • Provide high definition file for subtitling and translation

One of the common mistakes that instructional video producers commit is producing low-quality videos. Why is this a big NO? For one, low-quality videos are less likely to get noticed by the target audience. Viewers would prefer to watch high quality streams that are visually clear and appealing. Secondly, you will have a difficult time on syncing your subtitles and translation texts since it would be hard to determine if the text is synched with the video.


Invest on quality video production. Get a team of trusted production outfit that can help you produce an outstanding video that you will be proud to distribute and share in the digital stream.


  • Speak in a slow and clear manner

Speaking too fast would not only irked your target audience, but it will also make subtitling more difficult. Since you are speaking fast, there are words that will be inaudible. The subtitling team will have to repeat the video over and over again to get the words right. In worst case scenarios, they might have to guess what the word is and there is a high chance that they will get it wrong.


Also, there is a limit on text subtitles per frame. When you are speaking fast, translation companies would have to squeeze as many text in the frame to make the subtitle synch with the video. The result will be, the subtitle will be useless since it will be very hard to read.


  • Provide proper spacing in the video for subtitles

This is a common video production mistake that producers commit. If there will be no room or space for subtitles, then the text might block the video itself. Not only it will look awkward, but it will compromise the quality of the video. Be sure to remind the videographer to make space for the subtitles in the video.


  • Get a professional to do it for you

Some people think that subtitling is an easy task that is why they opt to do it themselves. But in reality, it is more difficult than it looks like. And there is a high chance that you will get it wrong. It would be best to get a trusted and professional Arabic subtitling services to do it for you.