5 Dishes That You Need To Taste When You Visit Dubai

A trip will not be complete without tasting the local cuisine. In fact, some people travel just to get a taste of a local dishes. They dedicate time of their trip to visit restaurants, food stalls, and other dining establishments to sample dishes and other offerings. They usually call this a food trip.

But you don’t have to be a food connoisseur to dedicate the whole trip to for food tasting. If you have an upcoming Dubai trip, whether it is a desert safari trip or city tour, do not miss the opportunity to get a taste of these sumptuous delicacies. It would be worth your trip:

  • Dates

Dates are quite popular in the Middle East and part of their local diet. These delicious fruit came from date trees that grow and thrive well in hot locations such as the desert. The nutritional value of this fruit is known all throughout the world. As part of the tradition, dates are eaten whenever they are breaking their fast for Ramadan. But the fruits are also being used for gourmet delicacies in Dubai restaurants. There has been some contention on the taste, depending on who will taste it. But the common feedback is, it is has a mixture of sweet and sour taste.


  • Al Harees

People who are a fan of porridge can get a taste of this authentic Middle Eastern dish. Al Harees is a combination of wheat and meat with a pinch of salt. This is considered as one of the most traditional dishes in Dubai, served at weddings, Eid, and during Ramadan as well.


  • Al Machboos

If you are craving for some rice, then do not miss a serving of Al Machboos. This rice dishes is a combination of rice, onions, meat and marvelous spices. One thing that makes this dish special is the zesty taste brought by the spices.


  • Kousa Mahshi

Another rice delicacy that visitors look forward to when they visit Dubai is the Kousa Mahsi.  This rice delicacy comes in various recipes. Mostly, the rice is stuffed in zucchini or courgettes and serve as a main course.


  • Shirin Polo

Rice is definitely on the menu of every restaurant in Dubai and so is Shirin Polo. This dish is composed on basmati rice, carrots, raisins, chicken, currants, and nuts. The reason why people love this dish is because of this sweet taste and the crispy tahdig crust.

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