Dubai is not only about cruising around Dubai Marina, spending time in luxurious hotels, drinking expensive campaigns and running around in fast and expensive cars. There is a big market in there for those who love arts. Some of the world’s best artists have their ateliers in Dubai, go there for artist residencies and exhibit their work in this extraordinary city. You can enjoy some traditional art from Arab world or some of the most recent and modernist installations and exhibits. There is someone for every taste and price. You don’t necessarily have to spend a ton of money if you want to treat yourself with a new painting, poster, rug or figurine; there are a lot of small antique shops hidden in narrow streets. As soon as you enter one of them you will notice colors exploding around you, people touching and picking pieces and pleasant workers explaining the origins of the artworks. If you are into some more expensive stuff, you will find some exclusive galleries and art shops. Here are some of the places to visit if you are a true admirer of arts and crafts.

Assuming that you are an artist yourself, the one who paints or draws, and you need to buy some brushes, canvases, colors or touches, or even some beginners kit for your child there is a perfect place for you – Canvas Art Store, placed in Dubai Festival City Mall. Apart from selling materials, they also organize many events and exhibitions in Dubai and in UAE in general. Their pleasant staff will gladly inform you about all the places that might be interesting for you and your specific taste. Also, you can show them your own work and see if they or someone else in Dubai might be interesting in cooperating with you.

Gallery One outlets and exhibition spaces are very popular among those searching for original and unique presents for their loved ones. Many artists from all around the world put their work in Gallery One stores. Not only that each of these gifts is one of the kind, but they will also pack them in a way so unique, that the package itself is spectacular enough to put a smile on your face. You can order their products online, or visit one of their shops once you make your trip to Dubai. All of the works are made by contemporary artists from UAE and from many other countries.

Small shop at Dubai Market, called Burghan, is one of the best places to shop for some beautiful old artifacts. There you will find very old books, some of them small as the palm of your hand with golden covers. Teapots, cups, plates, family portraits, all of it specially designed by the time, which makes old arts look so seductive and like they have the life of their own. In this antique shop you will have the opportunity to lower the price of a thing you’d like to buy, because that is the way things go in the markets all over the world.