World has changed in many ways in the past decade or so and now we can do many things that used to be very expensive and not affordable for majority of this planet’s population. People with average salaries can fly around the world, travel to exotic locations and even stay in some of the best hotels, houses and apartments. One of the best ways to plan your exotic travels is to follow some of the numerous travel agencies sites because they often offer discounts, last minute offers, cheap plane tickets, low cost flights and sometimes they even make it fun by organizing games and quizzes for their clients, customers and followers. Dubai is worm, exciting and desirable location throughout the whole year and for people of all ages. We will mention some ways and addresses to go to if you are looking for the cheapest plane tickets to get to Dubai.

‘Skyscanner’ has a great search engine that enables you to compare ticket prices of all available airlines. All you have to do is to enter the dates when you would like to travel to UAE and they will provide you with the list of all airlines and possible discounts and last minute offers. They can also help you find the most affordable accommodations in Dubai according to the price range you set.

‘Expedia’ is the UK’s company and there are numerous highly satisfied clients who already used their services. They are specialized in finding most affordable flights for family vacations and young people wanting to visit the city of wonders. Some of the offers include plane tickets, accommodation and rent a car service. The interesting thing is that if you decide to take that full package – your entire trip might be much cheaper than you ever imagined. Also, they will fly you directly to the National Airport, which means that you will be only few minutes away from the city center.

Peak of the season in Dubai is the period from December till March, and off-season time is from May till November. ‘Cheapflights’ advises you to go on your vacation to Dubai in off-season Period, because it is much less crowded, which means more comfortable surroundings. Hotels and other kinds of accommodation are more affordable for a number of people and plane tickets are to be found from the minimum of 100 Dollars, which is a great deal

‘TripAdvisor’ is one of the most popular places to look for the cheapest ways to get to Dubai. Their platform is also very useful for finding out about the best hotels, restaurants, rent a car services and most popular and affordable cites for a specific types and groups of people. They are very detailed in their descriptions about possible excursions, last minute offers, low cost flights and types of transportation you can use once in Dubai.

It is interesting that UK airlines and tourist organizations usually have the best possible offers for flying and spending holydays in Dubai, so it might be useful to plan your trip from London. Enjoy your flight!