As we know that an urban planner is basically a person or a team of individuals that develop and layout a plan for a piece of land and how it will be used to create communities, promote growth and restore the initial physical facilities for the citizens of the town.

There is a set of responsibilities that they need to take care of which are mentioned below:

  • The first step would be to gather essential information such as census and market research data through environmental studies to get a good look at what and which kind of audience they are aiming for.
  • Meeting different officials is very important in order to finalize everything before the construction starts to eliminate any threat of issues regarding the land use by clearing off every little detail.
  • After that, the land needs to be investigated properly to get a clear understanding of what are the factors that will be affecting the unlimited construction and which ones will create a problem. Knowing them before hand would certainly come in handy as it makes the workers and team cautious of their actions.
  • The next step would be to assess and analyze the proposals to see how many and which of them can be approved without creating a problem and which ones would require changes. 
  • Once everything is set and the architecture firms in Dubai alongside other teams are ready to get their work started, it will be responsibility of the planner and construction manager to supervise the site and make sure that everything is running along smoothly. There could be a few legal issues that can pose a threat and this is why their presence is necessary.

Every planner has their own style of work and would go accordingly. Some would prefer short term plans while other would opt for the long term. Some would like to focus on the basic needs first while other would carry on with a complete plan in the first place to avoid problems in the future. It all depends on the working style and it is essential that you talk them through in the first place in order to avoid miscommunication and