NDT refers to the non destructive testing techniques and methods which are used in quality control when we think of fabrication of plant and equipment. The basic idea of NDT is to evaluate the strength, endurance and quality of a material so that any flaws can be detected and handled before hand for their functionality. Here are the different NDT methods:

  • Liquid penetration technique

This refers to the method of detecting defects in a material by applying the liquid dye to a surface and the reaction of the surface determines the material. For example if the surface cracks or void is created then it has surely failed the test.

  • Electromagnetic testing

This is the kind of testing where electricity is used as a medium to test flaws by current field testing or remote fielding and the kind of response that field gives it determines the quality of a surface or subsurface.

  • Magnetic particle testing

Similar to electromagnetic testing, when the magnetic field is presented to flawed surfaces can cause leakage in the magnetic flux. The particles will attach themselves as an outline of the crack.

  • Ultrasonic testing

This kind of technique seeks help form sonic waves which are penetrated through the surface in a high-pitched frequency but if the waves repel or a discontinuity is detected it is showed up on the screen and thus the results are concluded.

  • Thermal infrared testing

When materials are tested through thermal temperatures it is known to be thermal infrared testing as minute changes in temperature can detect the problem, flaw or crack the surface which plays a major role when thought of inclusion of voids and using it for further procedures.

There are more methods available for non destructive testing but these are the important ones as it explains you the importance of testing materials before sending them for further procedure. There are certificate courses available in order to become a non destructive tester so if you wish to pursue your career in the field then you should really look for the options and choose the one which you find suitable enough. They are surely very helpful and will take you a long way.

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